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Comfort Reiki - ON SALE


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Comfort Reiki is a nurturing, loving Reiki system that can be used on self or others to provide a deep sense of well-being, comfort and safety. Why a specific Reiki system focused on comfort? Isn't Reiki on its own comforting? Certainly, general Reiki can be quite comforting to the recipient, but Comfort Reiki is a specific energy that is not only designed to focus on feelings of comfort and safety, but to help people weather the challenging times we are going through right now. Comfort Reiki energy can be used for healing as well as house-clearing and environmental cleansing. It can also be used as a form of psychic protection. This manual also provides exercises and mindful practices to enhance the energy healing.

Special bonus section providing tips on offering Comfort Reiki with Restorative Yoga.

PDF manual included.

Price: $20.00


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