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Reiki Level IV - Advanced Reiki Master


This is a "Reiki Level IV" course in the Elemental Usui lineage branch, and is meant to continue your studies after Reiki Level III. (This is not the same Reiki Level IV as presented by some Tibetan-Usui teachers.)

In this course, you will learn how to channel Reiki energies and create your own Reiki systems. You will also learn how to improve your attunements, create your own Reiki symbols, and send Reiki attunements backwards in time.

This system comes with three new symbols, one of which can be used to channel new energies. You will receive a PDF manual and three separate attunements.

If you choose the "personal evaluation" option (under "Certificate"), you can receive personal assistance/evaluation for a Reiki system you create (via email), with a certification as "Advanced Reiki Master - Experienced" for an additional $25.

It is highly recommend to also watch this recorded webinar on how to create your own Reiki attunements.

Price: $40.00
Optional certification in PDF format; email delivery 2-3 weeks after order.
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