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Angels of Peace Reiki Attunement


A calming, beautiful angelic healing energy from SpiritLight Reiki, The Angels of Peace attunement connects you to the Angels that bring you peace and contentment. It is said there are 7 Angels of peace and their names are unknown, however there are actually at least 9 Angels of Peace and very likely more. These angels will surround you with love, light, and compassion to help you through any trial or challenge you face. The Angels of Peace help you on a personal level to restore an inner peace. They work to sooth and calm emotions, and to help you acknowledge and accept things that happen in your life that may cause emotional pain and stress.

The Angels of Peace help you learn to cope with situations beyond your personal control—such as loss of a loved one, or illness, and/or disasters. These are all things that effect you on a personal level and can cause you to lose your direction and stray from your life’s path. On a broader level, the Angels of Peace can help with bring about peace between people (relationships with family, friends, and lovers). The Angels of Peace will help with larger situations like teams, towns, communities, and countries. Working with the Angels of Peace to help change situations so that there is peace in the world, is one way of helping to raise the vibration of Earth for a peaceful, abundant, harmonic existence for all life on Mother Earth.

You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.

Price: $17.00


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