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Archangel Jophiel Ray of Light Reiki Attunement


From Wikipedia: "The Archangel Jophiel (Hebrew: "Beauty of God") is also known as Iophiel, Iofiel, Jofiel, Yofiel ("Divine Beauty"), Youfiel and Zophiel ("My Rock is God")....The Zohar lists him as a Great Angel Chief in charge of 53 legions who superintend Torah-readings on the Sabbath. Jophiel is said to be a companion to the angel Metatron." The energies of this attunement connect you to Archangel Jophiel and to the yellow ray of light associated with this angel. Jophiel is an angel of enlightenment and beauty. As you work with the energies of Jophiel and the yellow ray of light, you will gain spiritual insight and higher consciousness. Empowerment and healing are heightened with the energies of this attunement.

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