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Christos Initiation 4 - Opening to Love


The Christos Initiations are a series of 11 powerful, life-changing energetic initiations exclusive to Elemental Reiki. Special healing energies will be provided with these initiations. Each initiation is received over a 5-day period and is more powerful than a regular Reiki attunement, but without the clearing symptoms.

The fourth initiation in the Christos series is called “Opening to Love” and it works to remove blocks to experiencing and expressing higher love. Higher love is divine love. Higher love, as opposed to romantic love, is an unconditional love that is kind, compassionate, wise, and freely given.

The purpose of this initiation is to help you become more connected with the energy of divine love. It will help you experience the state of higher love more naturally and easily. It programs the higher love energy into your heart chakra so it is easier to access.

Once attuned to the energy of higher love, you will see that your divine purpose is easier to manifest. You will naturally start to mature into the best, most highest version of yourself.

This initiation is not for everyone. You will know if it is right for you as you will be "called" to receive it. Spirit directed that the cost be $100 so that those who are truly serious will participate and honor the energy.

These initiations are not regular Reiki attunements that can be passed down to other students. This initiation is for your own personal growth and spiritual evolution only, although you can use this energy for healing.

Once you have received your full initiation, you can perform healings to help others with these energies.

A certificate will be available for the last initiation only.

NOTE: While it is recommended that you take the Christos Initiations in order, you may receive this independently of Christos Initiations 1-3.

You will receive one initiation that needs to be received over a span of 5 days and a PDF manual.

You can also pre-pay for all 11 initiations at a discount of $500 with advance payment.

Price: $100.00


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