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Energetic Alignment Attunements 1-7


The Energetic Alignment Attunements are a series of seven energetic empowerments designed to align you to the highest good in your life. The energy works to gently remove blockages that may have you "off course" in life. By aligning the energy in the most auspicious manner, it becomes easier to create what you want in life.

The attunements work on the following areas:

1. Emotional body
2. Physical body
3. Energetic body
4. Relationship energy
5. Environmental influences
6. Work and purpose
7. Money and material well-being

Each area comes with a specific symbol that can be used to activate the energy in a regular Reiki treatment.

You will receive seven attunements and a PDF manual. You may choose to receive the attunements all at once or space them out to receive when you feel ready. You can receive the attunements in any order.

Price: $40.00


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