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Energy Builder Attunements


The purpose of these attunements is to help build up the ability of the body's energetic system to hold more higher energies. These attunements are good for healers to use, to help enhance the healing channel and allow a greater connection to spirit. They are also good to use for those suffering from any form of physical or emotional depletion, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or depression. They can also help bolster the energetic systems of people suffering from disease or imbalance of any kind.

The Energy Builder Attunements work on all aspects of the energetic system – chakras, meridians, subtle bodies, etc. – and will go where needed to remove blockages and lift the vibration up to the next higher level.

You will receive a brief PDF manual and 7 attunements. Please pace yourself with these attunements; ideally, receive them no more than once per week.

Price: $40.00


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