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Chakra Healing Attunement 5 - Fifth Chakra


The Chakra Healing Attunements work to cleanse and heal the chakras from old issues and negative energies that are being held there. A healing attunement is like a super-charged healing session and is an extremely powerful way to make changes in your life quickly. This attunement is for the first chakra.

Fifth Chakra: Throat (throat area)
Our “voice,” both literally and figuratively. This attunement helps with: creativity, writing, singing, the arts, speaking up for oneself, receiving and channeling divine information, ear, nose and throat.

This is a healing attunement only and does not come with a manual. If you want to pass this system to others, you need to order the full Chakra Healing Attunements system.

This attunement is part of a series of healing attunements. If you are not used to running energy then it is recommended to receive one attunement at a time. (Starting from chakra one is recommended if you want to receive all attunements.) Or you can select any chakra depending on which issues you want to work on.

With any attunement process, you may experience a clearing following the attunement. This could include physical detox (getting a cold, etc.) or emotional release (experiencing some emotional turmoil following the attunement). Please know that any clearing processes are temporary and will ease as your energy adjusts to the new level.

Price: $10.00


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