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Fearless Reiki


Fearless Reiki is a very simple system that consists of a gentle, soothing, yet strengthening Reiki energy that you can activate through intention or a color. There is no symbol in this system. Use this system to overcome emotional fears and blocks that get in the way of happiness, creativity, and love. Do not be deceived by the simple nature of this system; it is very, very powerful, and has many practical applications.

Includes attunement and manual in PDF format.

Happy Reiki - ON SALE!


$10 OFF! What is the one thing that we all want? Happiness! Yet, how often do we find true happiness difficult to obtain and maintain? When we go out and try to find love, money, and success, what we're really trying to find is happiness. Happy Reiki gets right to that true, basic desire and helps to unleash the happiness within you and your clients.

Intuition Reiki


Intuition Reiki provides support and assistance in developing intuition. It helps to clear the energy around the third eye and remove biases and fears that make it difficult to hear spiritual information. You will receive a PDF manual and attunement. 

Lighten the Load Reiki

This free attunement provides a simple and powerful way to clear out old baggage and blockages. Rather than using a Reiki symbol, the energy uses the power of visualization to do the clearing. This is an energy you can use with clients as well as for your own personal growth and healing.

Above the Radar Reiki

Free! Above the Radar Reiki is an intention-based energy that helps the recipient open the aura to receive positive attention and recognition. It helps release fears of being seen or noticed. Above the Radar Reiki is not just for shy people. It is also for those who have intentionally or unintentionally clipped their own wings to avoid “standing out” in a crowd. Staying “below the radar” may be a way to play safe, but it can hold you back when it comes to getting what you want in life.

Hands of Jesus Attunement

This free attunement is provided by Alasdair Bothwell Gordon, EdD, of Scotland. From the manual:

Whilst my own upbringing and background was - and remains - within the mainstream Christian tradition, Jesus (known to some as Sananda) is a person who is wider, deeper, higher and bigger than any church, religion, philosophy or system of belief.

Elenari Healing System

From Rev. Gail Lehmann, OM; EHS Master, Founder/Originator, Reiki Master:

The Elenari Healing System is a sharing system---free of all money exchange/energy exchange. It is truly one of the first ‘pay it forward’ systems, in which there is a degree of passing it on to be passed on and on. Therefore, no money or energy need be used as a way to ‘pay’ for this system. Share it completely on every level.

Eclipse Energy Empowerment

We're pleased to offer this free Reiki attunement and manual to you!

The Eclipse Energy Empowerment was received during the lunar eclipse on February 20, 2008. The energies provided with this attunement are meant to facilitate positive life change in a gentle way. They can be used during an astrological eclipse to help smooth out the energies, or used any time of the year to help with transitions or making life changes.

Agape Reiki

We're pleased to offer this free Reiki attunement and manual to you!

Agape Reiki was received at a service at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. Agape, simply put, is the essence of unconditional love.

This is a simple system, with one symbol. (Intent also works.) Though it is simple, it can be quite powerful. The attunement may hit you with a very bright light.

EFR Certification Course

I was guided to combine two powerful healing methods, Reiki and EFT. Reiki is a hands-on method of energy healing utilizing "life force energy," while EFT works much like acupressure to clear blockages by tapping on various acupressure points on the body.

The result was the creation of a powerful healing technique called "Emotional Freedom Reiki" or EFR.

Empowerment Reiki

Empowerment Reiki is a very special Reiki system designed to help you step into your power as a powerful spiritual being and contributor to the planet. Therefore, unlike many Reiki systems, you will not learn this system in one or even two attunements.

Reiki Revolution Public Domain Notice

Rev. Jason Storm's Message on the Reiki Revolution Website

11 September, 2002

This website was begun in October of 2000 C.E. with one small goal. Make Reiki available to EVERYONE! Since that time I have changed a great deal on my path to a center that we all share. Many of my views are different now than are represented in this site.

In memoriam of the events of 11 September, 2001 in New York City, NY, USA I DECLARE THIS WEBSITE TO BELONG TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Free Online Reiki Course

Learn Reiki for Free!

One of the most influential Reiki practitioners in its history is Rev. Jason Storm, who literally took the Internet by storm in the late 1990s and early 2000s with his passion to bring Reiki to the masses.

Storm, an American living a monastic life in Thailand, blew open the high fees traditionally charged to become a Reiki Master by offering online courses in Reiki for free. As of 2002, he claimed he had taught and attuned over 20,000 people through his organization "Reiki Revolution."

Fusion Reiki

Fusion Reiki was originally channeled by Rev. Jason Storm, who worked to give Reiki away for free in his "Reiki Revolution" movement. All of his websites now appear to be down, but you can still experience his Fusion Reiki energies here. You can download a Fusion Reiki PDF manual here. FUSION REIKI by Rev. Jason Storm (Symbol photograph: Fusion as received by Dr. Storm, artwork by Siv Breines of Norway)


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