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Age of Aquarius Attunement

The Age of Aquarius Attunement is designed to help you with the current transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. As we go through this period of change, many old structures will fall away, leaving many on the planet confused and lost. This attunement will help you "weather" the changes with more peace and ease.

The attunement utilizes intention and/or mantra for activation.

Inner Strength Reiki


Inner Strength Reiki works on the third chakra to elevate the recipient and connect them with the power of their soul. This energy is excellent to use with anyone who is confused, lethargic, depressed, or lacking in motivation. It is also helpful for anyone who needs some extra strength because they are starting a new venture or getting out into the public eye in any way. You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.

Money Reiki for a New Reality


This is a brand new Money Reiki system meant as a supplement to the original Money Reiki system, or as a standalone. These new energies have been brought in to deal with the challenges brought about by the global economic collapse of 2008.

If you have been using the Money Reiki energy for a while, it is recommended to get this system because additional energies are needed now.

Free Money Reiki Symbol

This is a free symbol you can use with the Money Reiki system or separately. Tineke Wijnker from the Netherlands received this symbol while getting the Money Reiki attunement:

During the attunement i saw another symbol and got the feeling it draw all other money forms from all over the world in the diamond or sun in the centre.
If local money symbols need healing this symbol can be used.
The symbol can take any colour.

Make a Wish Blessing

The Make a Wish Blessing is a free attunement that you can use to sprinkle some virtual fairy dust on your heart's desire. Have fun with this attunement! It works best with a light heart and without expectation.

The Make a Wish Blessing a free attunement, which is performed by you via self-attunement. No personal attunements or certificates are provided with the free attunement. If you would like a personalized attunement and a certificate, you can purchase these here. Thank you!

Love Flush Empowerments 3 & 4


The first two love flushes worked on clearing out old emotional wounds and bringing in the energy of unconditional love. Love Flushes 3 & 4 work more specifically on relationship issues by clearing out wounds from past relationships and healing current relationships. It is recommended, but not required, to receive Love Flushes 1 & 2 first, available here: You will receive two attunements and a concise PDF manual.

Om Namah Shivaya Empowerment - ON SALE


The Om Namah Shivaya Empowerment taps into the energy of the Om Namah Shivaya mantra, which is one of the most popular and powerful of all the mantras in the yogic tradition. The mantra connects with the energy of Shiva, one of the three aspects of God in the Hindu tradition.

Chanting this mantra can be healing and uplifting. It connects us with our souls and higher selves. It allows us to experience God in our daily lives. It cleanses the aura and the chakras.

So Purkh Empowerment


The So Purkh Empowerment taps into the energy of the So Purkh prayer, which is an excerpt from the Sikh holy scripture called the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It was written by a holy man, Guru Ram Das, who lived in the 1500s. In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, it is said that if a woman recites this prayer 11 times per day, it will transform the energy of her male partner and dissolve any negativity between them. It can be used to attract a husband to you. Men can use it to uplift their own spirits.

Money Angel Reiki


Money Angel Reiki has been created to help provide support and inspiration during times of economic stress. This system is not designed to instantly manifest wealth or prosperity. Rather, it is a system that helps provide support for money stress and problems. You can use this energy to connect with your Money Angel to provide guidance with challenging financial issues. The system comes with two symbols. You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.

Mental Flush Empowerments 1 & 2


The energetic "flushes" are popular to their ease of use and effectiveness. The Mental Flushes work to clear out negative thoughtforms and patterns from the mental body. This helps create a clear, peaceful mind.

These flushes are excellent to use to help with worry, stress, and obsession. They can also help improve concentration and focus.

You will receive two attunements and a concise PDF manual.

Love Flush Empowerments 1 & 2


The energetic "flushes" are popular to their ease of use and effectiveness. These Love Flushes utilize the basic method of the energetic flush to clear out old heart wounds and then fill the individual up with universal love. These flushes are useful for anyone who has felt that "hole in the heart" or has gone through a recent break-up. They are also extremely powerful for anyone who wants to connect more with the universal spirit of love and love more unconditionally. You will receive two attunements and a concise PDF manual.

Meridian Flush Empowerments 9 & 10 (Resistance & Flow)


Meridian Flush Levels 9 & 10 work on releasing resistance in order to increase the flow of the good and positive in life.

The energies are easy to use and activated by simple intention. The work just as well in person or over a distance. They are an excellent complement to Reiki or any other energy healing system.

Meridian Flushes 9 & 10 are the continuation of the Meridian Flush series, but do not need to be received after the first eight flushes. You can receive or share these energies with anyone regardless as to whether they have used the previous Meridian Flushes.

Kuan Yin Attunements 1-7


These beautiful attunements originally came from Ole Gabrielsen and have since been re-channeled by Jens Söeborg. As he writes: "the energy gives you a deep connection to the loving and compassionate heart of Kuan Yin as well in her abilities of magnified healing." These transmissions also include Tibetan Buddhist initiations in Chenrezig, Green Tara and White Tara. These attunements are for your spiritual growth and as such it is not a "Reiki system" per se. You will receive 7 attunements and a brief 4-page PDF manual by Jens Söeborg.

Light of Angels Reiki


Light of Angels Reiki is a system brought to us from Archangel Michael. It is designed to help release the burdens we feel and bring a lightness to the heart. A circle of angels surrounds the client during the healing. Included is a meditation and daily thought exercise to help develop a lighter heart. You will receive a PDF manual and one attunement.

Reiki Level IV - Advanced Reiki Master


This is a "Reiki Level IV" course in the Elemental Usui lineage branch, and is meant to continue your studies after Reiki Level III. (This is not the same Reiki Level IV as presented by some Tibetan-Usui teachers.) In this course, you will learn how to channel Reiki energies and create your own Reiki systems. You will also learn how to improve your attunements, create your own Reiki symbols, and send Reiki attunements backwards in time. This system comes with three new symbols, one of which can be used to channel new energies.

Golden Triangle Reiki


James Purner originally channeled the Golden Triangle Reiki energy - this is a beautiful system with Egyptian undertones. This is an excellent energy to work with if you want to open the throat chakra. Instructions are provided in the manual on how to use "toning" or sound to help open the energetic flow. You will receive an attunement to the Golden Triangle energy and the original PDF manual from the founders sent down from master to student.


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