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Distance Healing Subscriptions


Elemental Chi Healing now offers distance healing subscriptions at affordable rates. If you subscribe now, you will receive the lower rate throughout the lifetime of your membership. (Please note: If you unsubscribe you will need to resubscribe at the current rate.)

All subscriptions are two for one! Get healing for yourself and another (a friend, family member or even a pet). Distance healing subscriptions can be used for yourself and/or for your loved ones. If you choose to use the subscription for just one person (such as yourself) you will get a double dosage. You do not need to receive the healing at a specific time - each healing is sent by noon Thursdays Eastern time, depending on the monthly frequency. You can either receive the heailng as it comes or intentionally receive it afterwards at a time of your choosing. (Instructions will be provided.)

Bronze Distance Healing - Introductory Rate: $5.50/month (Will be $11/month) 
You will receive one monthly distance healing each month for two (human or animal). 

Silver Distance Healing - Introductory Rate: $11/month (Will be $22/month) 
You will receive two bi-weekly distance healings each month for two (human or animal). 

Gold Distance Healing - Introductory Rate: $21/month (Will be $42/month) 
You will receive weekly distance healings for two (human or animal). Bonus: Approximately once a month, a newsletter will be sent out with insights and angelic messages. 

Healings are group healings using Christos Initiation and Angelic Healing energies. These are powerful, light-filled energies that will help you grow and offer additional support in the area of psychic protection and clearing of negative energies. 

If you would like to have healing sent to more than two for each session, please purchase another subscription, which would then be good for two others. 

Note: Refunds cannot be given for months or partial months. Once you subscribe, to unsubscribe you will need to go directly to PayPal and follow their directions there. (Please contact them for help - since their website changes once in a while, they will know best how to manage your subscription.)

If you are having any issues with the shopping cart, you can always manually order by sending in payment via donation and then emailing your order in. But first, try creating an account and logging in to complete your order as a registered usere - that often helps! Thank you!