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Pre-Attunement Empowerment - FREE


The Pre-Attunement Empowerment is an energy that can be used for yourself and for your clients prior to receiving any attunement. The purpose of this empowerment is to help you prepare for an attunement by clearing out any old energies that need releasing before the actual attunement. This will help reduce the intensity and length of any clearing symptoms from receiving an attunement. The Pre-Attunement Empowerment can be used prior to any attunement, not just traditional Reiki attunements. You can use it for Reiki I, II and III, as well as alternative Reiki systems such as Kundalini Reiki or Money Reiki. You can use it before receiving an attunement for an empowerment or flush, such as a meridian flush. You will receive one attunement and a manual provided electronically as a pdf and an epub (for e-readers).

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