Totem Reiki

This course will help you connect with an animal totem to enhance your Reiki healing. The attunement will also strengthen your relationship with your animal totem. You will learn some simple visualization processes to call upon your totem when you are performing healing on yourself and others. Please note that receiving this attunement is slightly more involved than a regular attunement. You might want to read the instructions in the manual prior to receiving your attunement. You will receive one attunement and a PDF manual.

White Dove Reiki

White Dove Reiki is a beautiful form of Reiki utilizing the spiritual energy of the white dove and a series of elegant, flowing symbols to activate the energy. This course comes in two levels, the practitioner level and the master level, and comes with two comprehensive manuals, one of which you can give to students who want to learn to Reiki as a White Dove Practitioner. You will receive two PDF manuals and two attunements.

Tiger Reiki

Tiger Reiki system is a powerful system with two symbols and instructions on connecting with your Guardian Tiger. This is a beautiful system to increase courage and strength. You'll also find out about the color tigers and how they can help you in your healing sessions. Tiger Reiki is a perfect system for the cat lover and/or anyone who performs healing sessions on cats - the system works great on pets and humans!

Bear Reiki

The bear is an important power animal and can greatly help you in your spiritual path and healing sessions. This energy "gives insight, brings in new energies, and is loving and protective." In this totem animal Reiki system, you will learn about the different types of bears and how to access various types of bear energy in your healings. You will also connect with the Celestial Bears to help you on your healing journey. You will receive an attunement and PDF manual.